Genesis of NextGenTreesUSA

Genesis of NextGenTreesUSA

NextGenTreesUSA was born of an idea that innovates the fundraising for our public schools that also helps our planet. What does NextGenTreesUSA do? We provide fundraising services for schools. We call it “Fundraising for the Future”. Our fundraising program is built on 75 years of combined expertise in fundraising and business. Instead of popcorn or pizza dough, the kids offer tree seedlings – creating a living legacy.


For decades, our public schools fight annually for funding due to persistently strained budgets. Teachers often spend their own money for classroom needs. Even so, major programs or projects are un- or underfunded leaving children with less educational enrichment than what would otherwise be provided if our schools were fully funded. What can we do to help?
Secondly, scientists agree there is excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. They also agree that nature provides the best machine to cleanse our air and sequester the CO2. That machine is called a TREE! Our country needs millions planted, and globally, trillions. Who might be best suited to plant all these trees?


NextGenTreesUSA was created to facilitate the answers to exactly those two formidable problems. We envision our fundraising program resulting in a veritable army of students selling and planting trees throughout their communities. Our fundraising program is efficient in its structure to provide a generous ~65% return on each tree seedling sold. We are devoting our experience, time, and energy toward helping schools raise money and reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This is a win-win for our schools and our earth!


We invite the approximately 100,000 kindergarten, elementary and middle schools across the country with enrollment of over 39 million students to join our fundraising program. We will galvanize thousands of schools to join the nation-wide movement for planting tree seedlings. Students across the country are motivated to achieve their fundraising goals for their schools, help planet earth breathe easier – and have a sense of accomplishment in creating a living legacy for themselves – and generations to come.