A Closer Look

A Closer Look is a collection of fun puzzles to test your ability to detect differences between two pictures.  For each original photo, there are two versions of differences: one for adults and one for kids.  The theme for the puzzles relate to trees, kids, climate, and our wonderfully sweet mascot, Rooney.

How To Play:  The top picture in each puzzle is an original photo.  The bottom picture is a copy of the top photo EXCEPT that 10 modifications have been made to it.  The fun is in identfying the 10 differences.

How’d You Do?  If you get stuck, click HERE to see the Answer Keys .  The puzzles are NOT made to be super difficult but occasionally you might be challenged.  The more puzzles you do, the easier they become.

Send More Puzzles!  If you want future puzzles sent to your inbox, please click HERE.  You will receive both the adults and kids versions.  By all means, please share the fun with your colleagues, friends, and neighbors.  Have FUN and Good Luck!

Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles
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Adults puzzles on the Left

Kids puzzles on the Right