NextGenTreesUSA.com (NGT) is invested in helping you achieve your fundraising goal by selling tree seedlings.  NGT offers a new, fresh vision that powers up your fundraising campaign, from $10K to $100K+, whatever your goal is.  NGT is designed to provide your school with one of the highest ROI.  NGT provides you with a best practices Fundraising Guide and customizable marketing tools to augment your own media blitz on your website and social media platforms.  NGT considers our work together a partnership offering to our clients 75 years of combined expertise in fundraising and business.

NextGenTreesUSA structured its product-based fundraising program to provide your school an ~70% return.  Offering tree seedlings at $10 or less with an ~70% return is an outstanding monetary incentive.

NextGenTreesUSA offers three types:

1. Deciduous (hardwoods that lose their leaves annually) Northern Red Oak, Red Maple, Black Locust, River Birch.  

2. Coniferous (considered evergreens in our region, with needles and cones year-round) Eastern White Pine, Loblolly Pine, Virginia Pine.  

3. Decorative/Fruit Crape Myrtle, Black Cherry, Red Mulberry.  

See photos of all types in the Trees section of this site’s menu.

Yes, there is a nominal minimum order in the way NextGentreesUSA is required to ship tree seedlings. Tree seedlings are packaged in round-up lots of a 25 count for the deciduous (hardwood) and the decorative-fruit seedlings, and round-up lots of 50 count for the conifers (evergreen). Orders of deciduous and decorative seedlings that are a fractional multiple of 25 are rounded up. (Ex. 536 seedlings is rounded up to a total of 550, a whole number multiple of 25) For conifers, orders are shipped in whole multiples of 50. (Ex. 613 seedlings is rounded up to 650).

NextGenTreesUSA tree seedlings are young, baby trees, 6 to 12+ inches tall. They are alive and tender.  The supplier packages the seedlings in bundles using best practices to maintain the essential moisture for their longevity until planted in the ground within a maximum of 5 days of receipt.  Breaking up the professional packaging from their 25 and 50 count round lots risks the survivability of the seedlings.

There are no hidden costs when fundraising with NextGenTreesUSA. Tree seedlings are delivered to your school in bundles. The tree seedlings cost $2.70 each if your school PTA team accepts delivery of the bundled trees and packages them onsite to disseminate them for each family to pick up.  There is an additional $0.80 per seedling cost (increasing the cost of each seedling to $3.50) if you prefer NGT handle the packaging of the Parent Pick-Up bags for you for each family for dissemination.  NGT’s suggested sale price of $9 to $10 for each tree provides your school with a ~70% return.  NOTE: If you choose to have NGT prepackage the Parent Pick-Up bags with the additional charge per seedling, we must limit your selection to no more than TWO tree species.

NextGenTreesUSA charges a fee for the shipping and handling of the tree seedlings.  There is a base fee of $29 for the first 100 seedlings plus an additional $10 charge for each additional 100 seedlings (or fraction of 100).  There is a nominal processing fee for credit card transactions.  NOTE: If your PTA/PTO organization has a Resale Tax Exemption Certificate issued by your state, NGT needs a copy of it.

NextGenTreesUSA tree seedlings will be packaged and shipped to your school on a confirmed date sometime during mid-March to April for Spring planting.

Unfortunately, no.  Due to the nature of the product and the sensitivity to getting them “in the ground”, NGT is unable to warranty either the survivability or growth of any tree seedling.  We stress planting them within 5 days of receipt and nurturing them once planted in accordance with the planting instructions that accompany the seedlings.